Welcome To Our Colourful World

Our aim is to present to you our own unique creation with appealing ideas.

We will offer you the opportunity of planning your own special day as you have imagined it and make your dream a reality

With a little imagination and creativity your perfect day will unfold in front of your eyes.

Our intention is to demonstrate to you, what can be achieved from simple paper craft and art.

All you have to do is to follow our instructions.

Our page is separated in 3 categories.

A) Design
B) Processing
C) Printing

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Using our own imagination, we have created for you and young friends original designs, which you can use according to your theme.
Our page will be updated with new ideas and new themes for all categories.


Once you purchased our own design and upon payment we send you details of your order electronically on your device in a PDF format and JPG. By saving the information on your device you will then be able to edit it, thus enabling you to add your own personal details on the programme (PDF EXPERT).


Finishing the process of your design, you can easily print any quantity required, following-reading the information already given to you, you’ll know the dimensions to be able print each design separately.

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